From French website copy to English manuals and from Italian packaging to Japanese documents, we handle all translation projects.


Price per word or price per hour?

This is the pricing standard for most companies involved in the world of translation services.

At Red Translations, we believe that a price per word rate is the more economical choice. The reason is that we work with the latest, and most advanced, translation tools available.  These tools allow us to calculate the number of total words in a document to be translated and also identify which terms and phrases are repeated in the text, so that a discount can be applied for repetitions.

We can tell you the exact cost of a job before it starts.

There are no hidden surprises and no added costs, other than those already agreed at the time of signing the agreement for services.

This means that you can budget the precise cost for translation services without the worry of cost overruns and the resulting need to “find” extra money in the budget, which usually occurs at the most inconvenient moment in a project.

The price per word depends solely on the complexity of the translation (language pair, DTP, etc.). This also means that where we have collaborated previously, and have already created a translation memory, further discounts can be passed on to you.

For a precise quotation of price, or if you would just like to get a feel for whether we would be right for you, please do contact us.

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